Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hey folks, I hate to break the news, but KCF will be closed to EVERONE for a few days. Even if you have the combo, please do not use the facility. Please feel free to hit me up offline with questions, but in interest of time, just know that we are gonna try to work something else out.

So in the mean time, I'm not going to publish a program, but I suggest you do a lot of squatting, deadlifts, core work and pullups at another venue.

Monday, March 30, 2015

This Open is almost over.  This is good news for some of us, and sad for others.  If its your first Open, then you have accomplished things you didn't know you could.  Many of you reached down to a dark place on some of these WODs (15.5) I'm a fan of testing my limits, and knowing what I'm capable of.  Hopefully some of y'all got to see your potential over the past 5 weeks. 
     Whatever you sucked at (for me it was HSPU), don't wait til next year to work on it.  Make a point to stay after or show up early, and work on your weaknesses. 
     Now we go back to work.  This week we will record several 1RMs to see how we've improved and to set a baseline for the next few months.  Don't be surprised if the week's program feels rough.  We have kinda been taking it easy during the Open to make sure everyone was at their best.